Meet your hair dryer's new best friend.

Love your hair dryer, but your attachment doesn't fit or it pops-off in the middle of blow drying? Well, there's finally a fix for that. You just need to put a SnozzlePro on your nozzle! The SnozzlePro Universal Nozzle Adapter is the first hair dryer attachment of its kind. Made of 100% industrial strength silicone, the SnozzlePro's patent-pending design keeps concentrators and diffusers securely attached to your hair dryer by giving them the fit and grip they need to stay put. Plus, SnozzlePro also helps protect hands from burns on hot attachments. So simple and easy to use, you'll wonder why someone didn't come up with the idea sooner!

Shipping within the U.S. is $3.95 and covers up to TWO SnozzlePros  -  See FAQ's for Other Locations

SnozzlePro Universal Nozzle Adapter

Price: $14.99

  • Universal Fit - Creates a universal fit on most full-size hair dryers with a nozzle diameter measuring 1.5" to 2.25". Perfect for salon, home or travel.

  • Eliminates Pop-Offs - Keeps concentrators and hair diffusers securely attached while styling.

  • Heat Safe Up to 450° F  - Helps protect hands from burns on hot attachments.

  • Super Easy to Use - Connect one end of the SnozzlePro to your attachment and snug the other end over your hair dryer. That's it!

  • 100% Industrial Strength Silicone - Extremely durable and comfortable to the touch.

  • Patent-Pending Design - Flexible, multi-ribbed interior gives attachments a superior fit and extra-grippy grip!

ADAPTER ONLY:  Attachments not included.


"I use two different hair dryers during the day and never once do I burn my hand on the nozzle when using the SnozzlePro. I also feel like the SnozzlePro makes my blow drying faster and easier because there are no more pop-offs, it's more effective and I'm more relaxed."

— Heidi Amoro
Salon Manager & Elite Stylist  
Ulta Beauty Salon, Old Saybrook, CT



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Hi, I'm Valerie Guglielmo and I know all about concentrators and hair diffusers that pop-off in the middle of blow drying. That's because it used to happen to me all the time! So, when I couldn't find an attachment that fit right or would stay put on my hair dryer, I invented the SnozzlePro — a universal silicone nozzle adapter for hair dryer attachments — and solved the problem myself. Now you can eliminate those pesky pop-offs, too. Just put a SnozzlePro on your nozzle!



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