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The Only Universal Silicone Hair Dryer Accessory That Keeps Concentrator Nozzles and Hair Diffusers Securely Attached for Faster and Easier Blow-drying

Introducing SnozzlePro, the game-changing hair dryer accessory that every hair stylist needs in their kit! Do you have a concentrator nozzle attachment that falls off your hair dryer in the middle of blow-drying? Love your hair dryer, but the Xtava Black Orchid Hair Diffuser doesn't fit? There's finally a fix for that. Put a SnozzlePro on your nozzle! Made of special heat-resistant silicone, SnozzlePro's patented design with its multi-ribbed, grippy interior is super flexible, made to last, and will give your hair dryer concentrator nozzle attachment or hair diffuser the fit and grip it needs to finally stay put.


Sale Price: $13.99

  • FITS MOST HAIR DRYERS - Discover SnozzlePro, the first universal hair dryer nozzle adapter! Made from special industrial-strength silicone, SnozzlePro securely fits most hair dryers with a nozzle diameter measuring from 1.5" to 2.25". Before purchase, please measure and verify the diameter of your hair dryer nozzle to ensure optimal results. (Please note: SnozzlePro is not compatible with T3 or REVLON 1875-watt hair dryers.)

  • XTAVA BLACK ORCHID HAIR DIFFUSER COMPATIBLE - SnozzlePro is designed for the curly girl or guy who adores the Black Orchid Hair Diffuser and the gorgeous curls and waves it creates! SnozzlePro transforms this one-size-only curly hair dryer diffuser (and others like the BaBylissPRO Snap-on Diffuser attachment) into one that fits a wide range of hair dryers. Whether you're styling at home, in the salon, or on the go, SnozzlePro brings flexibility to your hair care routine.

  • KEEP YOUR CONCENTRATOR NOZZLE SECURE - If you're tired of dealing with a concentrator nozzle attachment that falls off when you're blow drying, SnozzlePro is the perfect fix for that annoying problem! Simply attach SnozzlePro to your concentrator nozzle for an attachment that finally fits right and stays secure on your hair dryer. Enjoy faster and easier blow-outs while protecting your hands from a hot nozzle.

  • EASY TO USE: Please refer to SnozzlePro's HOW-TO-USE INSTRUCTIONS for optimal results. Connect the smaller TOP end of the SnozzlePro to your nozzle attachment before placing the larger BOTTOM end on your hair dryer.

*Please measure and confirm the nozzle diameter of your hair dryer to ensure optimal compatibility. (SnozzlePro is not compatible with T3 or with Revlon 1875-watt hair dryers.) Use with low to medium heat. Do not use high heat at high speed. Clean your hair dryer air filter of lint and dust regularly to avoid possible overheating.


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  • Will SnozzlePro keep my concentrator securely attached to my hair dryer?
    Yes! Simply insert your concentrator nozzle into the smaller SnozzlePro TOP, and then place the opposite (larger) end on your hair dryer.
  • How is SnozzlePro attached to the Xtava Black Orchid Hair Diffuser?
    Please visit our HOW TO USE page for detailed instructions.
  • What is the SnozzlePro "hack" for Dyson or Laifen hair dryers?
    The Xtava Black Orchid Diffuser can be used with a Dyson or Laifen hair dryer by inserting its magnetic smoothing nozzle attachment HALFWAY into the SnozzlePro BOTTOM. For detailed instructions and a how-to video, click here!
  • What is the shipping cost?
    Purchase up to three (3) SnozzlePros for the flat-rate shipping cost of only $2.99. Orders ship within 1-2 business days via USPS First Class mail. Your shipment will be confirmed by email with tracking information once your order is processed.
  • Is SnozzlePro sold internationally?
    Yes! SnozzlePro is currently available online at Curls Only (Australia), The Curl Store (Australia), This Little Curl (Australia), Curl Warehouse (Canada), Sari Curls (Germany), Curl Stuff (New Zealand), Talaku (Spain), and Naturalistic Products (United Kingdom).
  • What is the refund policy?
    Returns must be requested within 30 days of your order date. Shipping fees are non-refundable. Once your return is received it will be processed for refund in the form of original payment. Please contact us to submit a return request.

About SnozzlePro

SnozzlePro - Patented

Hi, I'm Val, the inventor of SnozzlePro. I understand the frustration of dealing with a concentrator nozzle that constantly falls off during hair drying and the disappointment of not being able to use an attachment because it didn't fit my hair dryer. That's when I set out to solve both of these problems. I invented SnozzlePro, the first-ever silicone nozzle adapter for hair dryers. Now, drying your hair is more efficient and hassle-free than ever before! Thank you for supporting our small family-owned and operated business! Your orders, reviews, and, most importantly, your satisfaction mean the world to us.


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