How to Use SnozzlePro On Your Xtava Black Orchid Diffuser

Remember, the SMALL end of the SnozzlePro is attached to the diffuser nozzle. Make sure it's pushed all the way down and around the nozzle until it's snugged-up tight to the diffuser head. Need help? Send us an email!

SnozzlePro Tutorial: Over-the-Shoulder View

Sometimes it helps to see things from a different perspective. Here's another look at how to connect your SnozzlePro to the Xtava Black Orchid Diffuser. Need help? Send us an email!

SnozzlePro and the Dyson Supersonic
Hair Dryer Hack

Please note that this SnozzlePro "hack" only works on the (newer) Dyson hair dryers which have magnetic attachments 2X stronger than those manufactured before 2018. Insert the Dyson concentrator only halfway into the SnozzlePro, otherwise the diffuser will disengage. Need help? Send us an email!

Keep Your SnozzlePro Clean to Renew Its Super Grippy-grip!

If your diffuser is popping off, it's time to defunkify your SnozzlePro! Give it a thorough cleaning with Dawn Dish Washing Liquid to help renew its super grippy-grip AND make it look brand-spanking new all over again! Need help? Send us an email!