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How to Use

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How to Use SnozzlePro with the Xtava Black Orchid Hair Diffuser

1. Insert your fingers into the SnozzlePro BOTTOM, holding it steady from the outside with your thumb.
2. Place the diffuser nozzle inside the TOP rim of the SnozzlePro.
3. Stretch SnozzlePro over the edge of the nozzle. Anchor your thumb on the nozzle for extra leverage if needed. (Note: The SnozzlePro top is especially tight by design to keep the diffuser securely attached, but it will stretch when the proper amount of effort is applied.)
4. Push SnozzlePro further onto the nozzle until it’s snugged-up tight against the diffuser head.
5. Secure SnozzlePro BOTTOM (with Xtava Black Orchid attached) over hair dryer. Do not use high heat or high-speed settings.

Pro Tip: If you notice your SnozzlePro is slipping off when blow-drying, wash it in dishwashing liquid to remove any residue and renew its grip as needed.

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How to Use SnozzlePro with the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

1. First, attach SnozzlePro to the Xtava Black Orchid Hair Diffuser following the how-to instructions above.
2. Next, insert the Dyson Smoothing nozzle ONLY HALFWAY into the SnozzlePro BOTTOM. Do not insert the nozzle more than halfway—it can loosen the SnozzlePro’s grip and cause the diffuser to detach.
3. Diffuse on low to medium heat at low speed. Do not use high heat setting or high speed.

*NOTE: If your Dyson hair dryer came equipped with only the wide (thin) concentrator nozzle, the Dyson "Smoothing" nozzle (Part no. 967703-05) can be purchased directly from Dyson (or on eBay). Do not use SnozzlePro on Dyson hair dryers manufactured prior to April 2018. Please check your model prior to using.

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